1. just some lo-fi expired 35 film stuff, nothing fancy

    Click here to view the entire set

  2. Real men wear flowers~ 

    See more of my work and read a very academic statement about these images at this link. Yay academia!

  3. Macau antics up on the blog.

  4. My Ladyfaces body of work got featured on Style By Asia! Pretty excited about that, thanks to Polina for making it happen! <3

  5. My brother got married last weekend, and my little sister set up a slow motion booth in lieu of a photobooth! Here’s the result :)

    Congratulations Miguel and Degs, we love you both!!!

  7. I went to Macau and all i have edited is one photograph.

  8. boatsforbusuanga:

    Hi to all!

    This is just to update  you on the latest  progress of our donations. Our partner,  Community Centered Conservation (C3) Philippines, conducted inspection  and followup of the first fishermen recipients of our  boats.  Please see the link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.656200914427555.1073741927.184326341615017&type=1

    Additional boats were transported and deployed this week in Busuanga.

    Although there was a slight delay in the replication of the boats from the volunteer universities (UP and Feati), we are targeting to deploy 5-10 boats per week by the end of April.  There will also be fiberglass workshop scheduled this month or early May by the UP faculty of Engineering to teach the fishermen how to repair the boats.

    Our target is June 2014 to manufacture and deploy all of your donated boats.   We will be  sharing with you the financial statement of this project as we close the accounts by then.  Again our sincerest thanks to all of you.  Please forward to the your friends and colleagues who have become part of this project.  Please email me if you have additional questions.

    All the best,

    Tony and Inday Dans

    Update on the Boats project :)

  9. Hello humans! Some pieces from my body of work The Mythology of the Self will be up (and for sale!) at the SCAD deFINE ART Open Studio, which will open on Thursday the 20th at 7:30PM, at the SCAD campus in Sham Shui Po. If you are in town please do drop by!

    More details here:https://www.facebook.com/scadhk/photos/a.360977356953.163284.181575851953/10151881231396954/?type=1


  10. Anonymous said: Do you have a special bag(pack) that you use when you go out and take your camera with you? I have one of those camera bags were you can put in 2 lenses and the cam but my other stuff doesn't fit, but I don't think I can keep on squeezing my cam and extra lens into my handbag with my other junk b/c I'm scared it might break it. But taking both bags is too much luggage for me. Any tips?

    I used to use one of those Slingshot bags by Lowepro, but then i always ended up having to take that and my purse when i traveled, so i switched to one of those foamy camera bag inserts that you can put in your backpack or whatever, and only ever brought around a 24-70.

    But then that sucked because it became too unweidly to have to whip it out of my backpack every time i had a shot, so i actually switched cameras, and now i use a Fujifilm x100s which has a fixed lens and is only slightly bigger than my cellphone :D