1. parasaaton:

    nag himo sang oriented herbal nutrient ksadya namon ky kolng ang ingredients 

    Some images i took for the Para sa Aton project! I’m doing my internship with Martha Atienza here in Madridejos on Bantayan Island. It’s an amazing community based art project that you really should all check out :D The women are wonderful, their project is fun, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME

  3. Parts of my thesis are now available for viewing on my website. Take the time to read the artist’s statement if you are confused :) Yes, i am commenting on your ridiculous selfies through my ridiculous selfies.

  4. just some lo-fi expired 35 film stuff, nothing fancy

    Click here to view the entire set

  5. Real men wear flowers~ 

    See more of my work and read a very academic statement about these images at this link. Yay academia!

  6. Macau antics up on the blog.

  7. My Ladyfaces body of work got featured on Style By Asia! Pretty excited about that, thanks to Polina for making it happen! <3

  8. My brother got married last weekend, and my little sister set up a slow motion booth in lieu of a photobooth! Here’s the result :)

    Congratulations Miguel and Degs, we love you both!!!

  10. I went to Macau and all i have edited is one photograph.